FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Maximum Convenience Offered when you take the course

All drivers who wish to sign up for the Texas defensive driving safety course will have to make a username and then enter a password of their choice. This way you can access your account from anywhere that you want and also have the convenience of enjoying the course with breaks, intervals or at one single go as well. The Collin County, Texas defensive driving course is extremely easy and simple, while you can also access your account from any phone or computer that has a basic internet connection. The convenience offered by the course, means that you can use devices such as your laptop, desktop or iPhone devices and can finish the course at your discretion.

Payments Made Easier

The defensive driving course at Education Cabinet that we provide has an easy to pay structure, which is designed to allow greater convenience to all drivers that are making payments for the program. The course is priced extremely low and provides various payment methods. This allows the drivers to pay at their convenience and with their own preferred payment method. There are no hidden charges and costs for all drivers who choose to register for the Texas defensive driving course.

Get the completion certificate for the course

As soon as you complete your final exams and you are certain that you have successfully cleared the Texas defensive driving course, you will get the certificate of completion delivered at your home. Once you get the court, you will have to send the certificate to the court. In case the school has sent the certificate directly to the court, you will have to check with the court in order to verify if they have received it.